GDPR Consulting

GDPR has ushered in a paradigm shift in the way businesses collect, store, handle, and process consumer data. Noncompliance can attract hefty fines exceeding €20 million in size. Is your organization GDPR compliant? We can help. Review your data policies and processes, improve them, and make them GDPR compliant. Enter the new era of data privacy.

Website Compliance with GDPR

EU’s GDPR is comprehensive. Even businesses outside of the EU must adhere to its provisions. Websites, the cookies they use, data collection forms, and even website analytics tools come under the purview of GDPR. Make your website, your cookies, and website integrations GDPR compliant. Create a new GDPR compliant cookie policy that offers your audience the ability to give explicit consent.

Obtain Legally Valid Consents

GDPR has effectively made implicit consents for data collection unlawful. Businesses are required to obtain explicit consents for obtaining and using personal data. Such data can only be used for purposes for which the consent is obtained. Build legally valid, effective, and specific consent forms that are GDPR compliant.

Digital Security Services

GDPR has toughened up its stance on privacy protection and data security. Businesses must implement robust security infrastructure, policies, and measures to protect user data. We help businesses set up cutting-edge website and e-mail security features like SSL, firewalls, and more to protect their customers.

Security Monitoring and Reporting

Businesses are required by the law to ensure high level protection for user data. In the case of any lapses, security breaches, unauthorized access, and any other compromise of user data, businesses must appraise authorities and users of such events within 72 hours. We monitor business websites 24/7 for any unusual activity and help businesses follow the proper protocols to prevent and in the aftermath of the security breaches.